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Fifth Switzerland

The Swiss Club’s August 1st National holiday celebration at the “Inn of the Hills” in Kerrville


The Swiss American family is predominantly middle class. According to the 1990 census the median income of Swiss American families was over $ 42,000 and only 3.8 percent had an income below the poverty line. Over 40.3 percent of Swiss American housing units were mortgage-free.

Family life is well-regulated and conservative. Few women hold careers outside the family and young people tend to be cooperative and well-behaved.

Depending on their local origin speaking, Swiss greet each other in many forms. Widespread among German speaking Swiss is “Grüezi” (groitsee) or “Grüeziwohl” – I greet you. Also the French-derived “Salut” and “Tschau” from the Italian “Ciao” are used both when first meeting and at its conclusion. In Raetorumantsch people say “Bien Di” (biandee) for Good day. On parting the French speaking Swiss will use the form “à revere” for the standard French “au revoir” and the German speaking Swiss “Uf Wiederluäge” (oof weederlooaga) meaning See you. In German-speaking rural Switzerland the standard form for goodbye is still widespread: “Bhüet di Gott” – May God protect you.

Swiss children learn a new, yet related, language such as High German, standard French or standard Italian. The children of the Rumantsch region learn German or French. To enter a different linguistic world, for most Swiss Emigrants, is not a new experience and they master multiculturalism with relative ease.

In the 1900s, those leaving were attracted by the newly conquered lands taken from indigenous peoples in Australia, New Zealand, and in the Western Hemisphere by expanding neo-European nations such as Argentina, Brazil, or the United States. The emigrants seem to have been attracted by faraway lands or the desire to escape parental control, intolerable marriages, or oppressive village traditions.

Swiss Americans recreate organizations they have known at home for mutual support as well as for enjoyment and social contact. They celebrate August 1 as the Swiss national holiday and commemorate important battles of the fifteenth century when Switzerland was struggling for independence with parades, speeches and conviviality. At such events there is yodeling, singing, flag throwing and sometimes a reading of the Bundesbrief of 1291.

I believe that this nation has set the world-wide all-time record for a quiet and peaceable life in all Godliness and dignity.

Quotes by Leo Schelbert in the Swiss American Internet Forum


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Small Change

He has no ambitions. No burning ambitions, in any case, no clear idea of what building a plausible future might entail for him. He is content to remain in the present and not look ahead. If he has accomplished anything, it is this ability to live in the present, to confine himself to the here and now, and although it might not be the most laudable accomplishment one can think of, it has required considerable discipline and self-control for him to achieve it. To have no plans, which is to say, to have no longings or hopes, to be satisfied with your lot, to accept what the world doles out to you from one sunrise to the next – in order to live like that you must want very little, as little as humanly possible.  Paul Auster, Sunset Park


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Amerika vergnügt sich

Gebäude zwischen Luling und Houston 2009


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“Community” defined in biology is an interacting group of various species in a common location. For example, a forest of trees and undergrowth plants, inhabited by animals and rooted in soil containing bacteria and fungi, constitutes a biological community. The Science Dictionary would describe “community” as a group of organisms or populations living and interacting with one another in a particular environment. Studies show substantial evidence that young adults who feel a sense of belonging in a community develop fewer psychiatric and depressive disorders than those who do not have the feeling of love and belonging. The sociologists have yet to reach an agreement on a definition of the term.

Elm Creek, Manor

Community close to Manor

Colorado River RV Park, Basdrop

Community close to Basdrop

The Lofts at The Triangle, Austin

Chestnut Commons, Austin

Midtown RV Park, Austin

The Village, Manor

Community at Lakeline


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Brothers in Arms